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1) CROWNS: "Caps" as they are commonly known are laboratory made appliances that are used to better protect teeth with large fillings, root canals and teeth with a history of fracturing. Crowns are FIXED APPLIANCES that may ensure a longer lifespan of these comprimised teeth.

2) VENEERS: Cosmetic "shells" that are fixed onto the front parts of visible teeth that are badly shaped, worn or stained. They also assist in closing gaps between teeth.

3) BLEACHING: A procedure that involves “lightening” the shades of visible teeth. This procedure can either be done in office, on the same day, or at home using bleaching trays and whitening gels over a 10-14 day period.

4) BRIDGES: For those patients missing one or more teeth, this is a laboratory made FIXED appliance that relies on the support of neighbouring natural teeth to replace missing teeth.

5) IMPLANTS: For those patients missing one or more teeth, these titanium “screws” that are fixed into your jaw bone may provide the longest lasting fixed option without having to comprimise neighbouring teeth.

6) SOFT TISSUE LASER DENTISTRY: Lasers can now be used as an alternative to the old scalpel and blade surgical dentistry to effectively clean deep gum pockets, to reshape/contour gum tissue, to remove cold sores and to control bleeding, in a non-chemical way, during dental procedures.

7) NITEGUARDS: Niteguards are removeable appliances worn during sleep to assist in preventing pathological tooth wear and jaw joint pain due to grinding and clenching habits.

8) TOOTH COLOURED FILLINGS: Composite Resin fillings as they are known provide great cosmetics and function and are now compareable in strength to the old silver/amalgam fillings.

9) CONSCIOUS SEDATION: Through the use of nitrous oxide gas or oral sedative medications, dental appointments can now be a much more comfortable experience for anxious patients.

10) ROOT CANALS: Dental procedure whereby infected/inflamed nerves of teeth are removed and the empty nerve canal is then filled with permanent filling material.

11) COMPLICATED EXTRACTIONS INCLUDING WISDOM TEETH: Extractions involving more of a surgical approach whereby gum and bone tissue manipulation takes place to remove teeth

12) REMOVEABLE DENTURES: Removeable Appliances used to replace missing teeth. These can be used in conjunction with dental implants, as overdentures, to provide a better fit.