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Dental Hygiene Procedures at Nicholas Kemp Dentistry

Gone are the days, when brushing your teeth twice a day was all that was required to fulfill your dental hygiene needs. While brushing and flossing is still very important today, good dental hygiene and appearance of your teeth can impact your professional and personal life. With so many dental options available, let our team of hygienists and Dr. Kemp guide you in developing suitable program.

Dental Hygiene Procedures at Nicholas Kemp Dentistry

Teeth scaling

Dental plaque is a soft film of residue and bacteria that steadily forms on your teeth along with calculus. It canot be removed by brushing alone. Dental hygienists use a professional technique to remove plaque which will make your teeth look clean and also prevent inflamation or gingivitis.

Root planning or deep cleaning

This particular treatment is a deep cleaning that will make sure that even the areas under the gum line are squeaky clean.

Do you suffer from sensitive teeth?

The symptoms are an unpleasant feeling when biting into something that is even slightly cold. A possible explanation for the pain is that your nerves might be exposed. This can be result of negligence. Whatever the cause, out staff will put their heads together and will come up with remedy that will allow you to enjoy ice cream.

Oral irrigation

Is a jet-stream of antibacterial solution designed to reach and clean the area below the gum line.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride treatments reduce tooth sensitivity and re-strengthen teeth that may have early cavities and possible tooth erosion.

Tooth polishing

To smooth the surface of the teeth helps prevent cavities from forming.

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