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Test your dental knowledge.

Are these statements true or false?!

Test your knowledge of dental care! Don't peek now, but the answers are at the bottom.

1 Almost all halitosis (bad breath) is caused by a bacterial infection of the gums and coating on the tongue. T F
2 It is very common for people to have periodontal disease (i.e. gum infection with bone loss from around the teeth), and not feel any discomfort at all. T F
3 Gum disease has now been linked to heart disease, diabetes, low birth weight and premature babies, and respiratory disease. T F
4 Too much fluoride in a young child's diet (such as from swallowing toothpaste with fluoride) can lead to a condition called "Fluorosis", and unsightly white or brown mottling of the teeth. T F
5 Baby teeth are very important for eating, smiling, talking, and guiding the adult teeth into place, and may have to last until age 10 to 12. T F
6 Saving a badly broken or abscessed tooth by having a root canal and a crown placed is less expensive and less invasive than having the tooth pulled, and replacing it with a bridge or implant. T F
7 Going to the dentist these days is perfectly safe because any instrument placed into your mouth is either heat sterilized or disposable. T F
8 The new tooth colored fillings don't last as long as the old silver amalgam ones, but because the composite resin fillings are bonded to the teeth they strengthen the tooth structure and help protect against fracturing. T F
9 Porcelain veneers are very strong and beautiful, and can last many years because even though they are only thin, delicate pieces of porcelain, they are very carefully bonded to the teeth. T F
10 Many unsightly brown and white spots on front teeth are actually very superficial irregularities in the enamel and can be easily polished away with a technique called "microabrasion". T F
11 Dental fissure sealants are coatings of clear resin painted on to the chewing surfaces of back teeth to seal off deep grooves and prevent cavities. Sealants require no freezing or drilling. T F
12 The old adage - "One tooth per child" is and old wives tale. Although it is true that during pregnancy women are more prone to gum disease, with proper care, no one has to loose any teeth these days. T F

If you answered TRUE to all the statements, congratulations!

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