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COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS - A Message from Dental Care Group™ on the Danforth!

Hello, our valued patients and visitors to our website!

As a Dental Care Group™ patient, we hope you know that your health has always been our primary concern. The well-being of our entire community is our priority. We are overseeing the spread of the COVID-19, and we are alert to the dangers it presents.

Our regular infection control procedures (high-level sterilization, masks, gloves, and eyewear) do not allow the spread of any viruses or bacteria, so our dental clinic remains very safe with its common areas. Unlike most public spaces, we are continually disinfecting our workspace.

Any of our staff that shows any signs of any seasonal flu symptoms must stay home. None of our team members have left the country during the last year.

Please take into account the following steps:

Covid 19 Statement - outside waiting Area for Dental Care Group
Use Our Safe Waiting Area outside Dental Care Group

1) If you have recently traveled to areas with many confirmed cases of Covid-19 (China, Iran, South Korea, Singapore, Italy, Washington State, New Rochelle, NY, etc. any cruise ships), please communicate with the front desk staff by phone or online. When your regular patient care is not an emergency, we will postpone your appointment for at least two weeks;

2) If you, as our patient, experience any flu or flu-like symptoms (cough, fever, difficulty breathing, etc.), ask us to postpone your appointments for at least two weeks;

3) If you are a parent or you are accompanying any patient who has flu-like symptoms to wait outside of the office;

4) You will not find any magazines or toys in our waiting room at this time, and please do not bring any.

5) Please use a hand sanitizer when entering and exiting our dental office.

Please respect those who prefer, in these times of heightened sensibilities, not to shake hands. A simple nod or smile will suffice.

Remember, the two most powerful ways to avoid catching and spreading a virus are to:
1) Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and
2) Try to refrain from touching your face, nose, or eyes as much as possible.

These, along with other common-sense and Health-Canada recommended measures will help us maintain a healthy workspace for all.

We will continue to monitor this situation and regularly communicate should there be a need. We ask that everyone help ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all who enter our dental office.

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